E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP | Little Rabbit Founder & Teacher

Jeana truly started this journey in 2004 following an unexplained medical issue that lead her to ask what it means to heal. Before she even stepped on a mat, she dove down the rabbit hole of alternative healing by becoming a certified herbalist and reiki practitioner. She spent years quietly honing in these crafts, afraid to be too "woo" or "hippie". Years later she found herself taking prenatal yoga classes on YouTube when she was pregnant with her first daughter, her Little Rabbit. Jeana will tell you that the reason she continued to practice yoga was because the time she spent on her mat saved her from her postpartum depression and she knew there was more to yoga than toning your ass. After graduating from her first yoga teacher training in 2017 everything came full circle when she embodied her inner wild child and started teaching a form of yoga that combines the egos need for self preservation and the souls need to be seen and heard. Jeana shares her journey and the knowledge she's gained through the No Fluff Podcast, works extensively with women to step into their truth and reclaim their energy through the practices of Yoga & Ayurveda, and holds the space for those who are ready to lead a soul lead life. 

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RYT-200, RPYT  | Little Rabbit Events Coordinator 

Andey has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has found that this practice has supported her in the many phases of life. Yoga has been more than a physical practice, but rather a journey of self-discovery, mind-body connection, and contentment. As yoga continues to be her lifeline, she enjoys sharing all the different facets of yoga with her students. She completed a 200-hour teacher training in 2013 from The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies. In 2015, while pregnant with her daughter, she completed an 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training in Austin, TX. Always finding ways to expand her knowledge, she is currently working on a 100-hour Trauma Informed Teaching Training, where she will be able to teach classes designed specifically for anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma. She would love the opportunity to help anyone interested in how yoga can benefit them by creating a space to do so. 



RYT-200 | Little Rabbit Social Media Coordinator

Arionna’s journey with yoga has been transformational and leads her closer & closer to the true self with every step of the process. Now knowing that yoga is not a practice of attainment but rather and unending progression of self-discovery, she’s passionate about sharing the practice with others. Starting the practice as a teenager, Arionna took the physicality aspect of yoga and used the practice as a workout. After honing in on her physical practice and noticing the effects it had on her mental health, she was ready to learn more. Graduating from her first YTT in 2018, Arionna was introduced to some of the subtle aspects of yoga. Still uncertain about teaching or sharing the practice with others, her curiosity continued to grow. Through her second 200 hour yoga teacher training with Little Rabbit, Arionna has begun the deep dive into the greater parts of yoga & only hopes to share these parts with all that are willing and open to learn. In her free time, you can catch Ari volunteering, trying to learn something new, or looking for a way to foster community, growth, and love.



RYT 200 | Acro Yoga Guide & Studio Teacher

Like so many, the physical practice is where Roxanne began her journey into yoga. Back in 2014, she started attending group yoga classes to rehab a knee surgery. Yoga began for her in just the bodywork. Over the years, her practice has expanded into a fundamental lifestyle, living each moment as an embodiment of yoga. This practice helped her discover her authentic self by connecting her physical form with her emotional being, and ultimately her spirituality. Roxanne truly believes that anyone can benefit from practicing yoga, whether it is to heal a physical ailment or provide guidance for one’s life toward positive transformation and enlightenment. In 2017, she decided she wanted to connect and share this practice with others and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Yoking of body, mind, and spirit is always encouraged during the Acro jams & the classes Roxanne teaches at the studio. It's her mission to help the community rise together by sharing her teaching style that cultivates a playful environment blending strength, breath, affirmation, and flow.



RYT-200 | Yin Yoga Teacher

Krystie loves sharing the quiet, meditative practices of yin yoga. She invite students to explore how still they can be, how deep they can connect and how long they can listen in. She believes that when nurtured, the power that made the body heals the body.  Like so many, over 10 years ago, Krystie practiced yoga purely for physical benefits. During her YTT immersion, she would come to better understand what yoga really was to her. The place where her body, mind and spirit became fully alive and connected to the INNATE power that lives in her; in us all. When Krystie isn't teaching yin you can find her with a fresh juice or smoothies, taking a walk in nature, or enjoying the sweet sunshine on her skin and a big bowl of ice cream! She is wildly passionate about natural living, vibrant health, spiritual enlightenment and holding space for others to seek their truth and to shine their light.



RYT-200 | Hatha Flow Teacher

Alexis was introduced to yoga when her mom took her to her first class as a teenager. After practicing for years she recently graduated the Little Rabbit yoga teacher training! She believes in the power of healing our emotional selves through our physical body, using movement as medicine. You can expect her class to provide a space for you to show up authentically for yourself and explore class themes around yoga philosophy that take you deeper into living a soul led life off the mat. She always knew teaching would be a large part of her life, but not in the traditional way she once thought! She teaches ESL to students in China online, substitute teaches in the Wichita school district, and works at our local refill shop where she is able to talk to the community and teach about sustainability. Alexis loves sharing knowledge and exchanging thoughts and ideas with others, after all, we are all connected! As much as she loves teaching, she loves being a student of life as well. When she's not teaching, she's usually taking care of her over 100+ houseplants, hanging out with fur babies, or working on whatever craft project she has going on at the time!



RYT-200 | Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Jordan is a curious nomad who takes her love of yoga with her everywhere she goes. She also believes you can learn a lot about someone from their Hogwarts House. (She's a Ravenclaw). After completing yoga teacher training in 2017, she and her husband converted a school bus into their tiny home in which they lived and traveled full-time for 3 years. She has taught yoga in multiple states across the U.S. and in 2019 she completed her certified life coach training through iPEC and earned her CPC and ELI-MP. She recently moved back to Wichita and is renovating an old house because she loves a good project. Through yoga and coaching, she works to empower and inspire women to own the life of their choosing through conscious, purposeful intention. Community is an essential value in her life, and in her teaching. She is also a facilitator of Bras Off Book Club where women meet to grow together through authentic connection. In her classes, you can expect groovy flows, good music, and a beautiful mix of fun, playful, expressions of the practice. She is purposefully living, while not taking things too seriously.



RYT-200 | Soul Flow Yoga Teacher

If you asked JaNeace to describe her yogic practice she would tell you it's soothing and intimate. She found her niche in combining the strength of vinyasa, the smoothness of hatha and deep stretching. She believes that balance within the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) is the root and foundation of living a life of quality, practicing holistic wellness has become her way of life; A way of life that should be accessible for everyone. Providing holistic wellness resources to underserved communities isn’t just a passion, it is her mission. Founder of Mama Nature Wellness Co., JaNeace is committed to facilitating safe healing spaces for communities of color. JaNeace also works as a Program Manager for a local non-profit that provides mentorship to Wichita’s youth. She is an avid reader, and particularly enjoys self-development books. Gardening, hand-making beaded body adornments and weightlifting are some of JaNeace’s favorite hobbies. 

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RYT-200 | Hatha Flow Teacher

Kalyn is inspired by the powerful transformation that can occur when connecting breath, movement, and intention. After witnessing the profound impact of yoga while in college she was called to dive deeper, and in 2018 after graduating from Emporia State University with a degree in psychology and art she fulfilled her dream of traveling to India to receive her Hatha 200hr Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. A lover of the journey of self-discovery and healing she loves combining slow deep intentional stretching, meditation, breathwork, and visual imagery into her practice and teaching, as well as integrating the philosophy of Seva (service) in community and nature. When not practicing she is scheming up adventures, barefoot gardening, dancing in the kitchen, or up to some sort of creative shenanigans. She’s excited to be sharing, learning, and growing with the Little Rabbit Community!