We aren't a studio, but a community

Little Rabbit Yoga offers the space for you to reclaim your energy and step into a soul-led life by exploring yoga as a lifestyle instead of a workout. Yoga is more than spending an hour on your mat sweating and is a daily practice of expanding your ability to observe the waves of life instead of being caught in the undertow. Unlike most studios that you walk into, take the class, and then leave, we gather as a community willing to lean in, have the hard conversations, and support each other to create a life where your soul & ego become teammates. 


How do your ego & soul become teammates?

By bending and stretching (of course) but also by nurturing your inner child, doing shadow work, giving yourself permission to surrender, studying what makes you, well you, and intentionally choosing to show up for yourself each and every day. Throw the idea of good vibes only out the window and step into a space where you're welcomed as you are. 

Not sure where to start?

That's what we're here for; we hold the space, guide, and witness your journey to living a full soul led life. You'll be challenged to look at things through a different perspective with the No Fluff podcast, we'll help you navigate the natural rhythms and cycles you experience as a woman, and we'll be the resources you need through in-person classes, workshops, and continuing education courses. When Little Rabbit Yoga was founded back in 2017 the goal wasn't to be confined to four walls, but to be a community that lived, breathed, grew, and healed together. 

Where do you teach classes?

We teach weekly classes at our studio in downtown Wichita, KS. We hold retreats around the country and in-person events throughout the state of Kansas.

How big are your class sizes?

While the studio is one of the larger studios in the Wichita area, you'll never walk into a class of 40 with your mat nearly touching the mat of the person next to you. We keep our class sizes on the smaller size - this allows us not only to foster a community that leans in, but to also hold the space for you to find personal agency in your practice instead of the typical 'Simon Says' styled yoga class.

Do you offer a yoga teacher training?

Many yoga teacher trainings are a churn and burn styled training where you take the training and then never hear from the studio again - we aren't about that. So instead of offering a typical yoga teacher training, we offer a 225 mentorship program that includes everything that a 200 hour yoga teacher training would PLUS more 1:1 focused mentorship.

Do you give any discounts on classes?

- Your first class at our studio in Wichita, KS is always free. - every Sunday morning from 10:00 - 11:00am class is free. - Monday night is Mens Night and men can drop-in on classes for just $8.

What style of yoga do you teach?

In short - an empowering one. We teach a style of yoga that holds the space for your body to continously meet your soul every time you step on your mat. We are rooted in a hatha lineage of yoga that is trauma sensitive and focuses on nurturing your nervous system. Each teacher has their own unqiue style of teaching that allows the community to experience different styles and ways of teaching all under one roof and one membership.