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This 225 hour yoga teacher mentorship has been developed for those who want to experience yoga as a deep dive down the rabbit hole of self-inquiry, cultivate a practice that invites the soul to continuously meet the body every time you step on your mat, and reclaim your birthright to live a soul led life. 
This mentorship fully immerses you in the culture of yoga as a lifestyle, with a primary focus on providing you with the tools to create a practice that is inclusive and integrates yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology, intuitive sequencing, self-empowerment, connecting to your roots, being trauma sensitive, and more. You'll look at why you step on your mat, how to take control over your patterns, nurture both your western mind and eastern body, and how to take the steps to share the practice with your community. 

We're here to be resources, guides, and witnesses to your journey of self-inquiry. If you're looking for a training that teaches you how to instruct an hour-long group yoga workout, this is not for you. This is a an opportunity to connect with other like minded souls and get personal mentorship that helps you foster a practice that fills your cup and teaches you how to give from the overflow. If you're ready to dive down the rabbit hole, we're here to help you every step of the way. 
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This mentorship is rooted in reclaiming your story, time, and energy to be able to live a soul led life and be of deep service to others. One of the most beautiful parts of the mentorship is the community that is fostered from it; a noncompetitive, raw, honest community that holds the space for you to not only explore what it means for to live the practice but how to authentically share it with others. Here is a glance at what the mentorship include:

  • How the ego & soul become teammates

  • Building a soul led practice

  • Yoga philosophy

  • How to be trauma sensitive

  • Applied anatomy & physiology

  • Informative assists & adjustments

  • Intuitive sequencing

  • Teaching methodology 

  • Sanskrit

  • Energy work

  • Cyclical wellness

  • Ayurveda

  • Business & Ethics

  • 1:1 check-ins

  • and more!




There are no formal prerequisites to start your mentorship, but the contents of the time we spend together are physically and emotionally demanding; because of this, we recommend that you have a consistent home practice and have been practicing for a year before you apply. You do not need to be able to do "advanced" sequences or postures to attend. We hold the space for you to explore a style of yoga that focuses on your entire human experience, not just your movement practice, so come as you are ready to learn and grow. You are required to attend all modules and 1:1 check-in's in order to graduate from the mentorship program.​ 


The mentorship program is 225 hours of cultivating your own practice, learning how to share that practice with others, and receiving mentorship to grow your ability to bear witness to both. This mentorship is held in-person at the Little Rabbit Studio in downtown Wichita, every other week:

Part 1: Cultivating your practice

January 13th - February 27th

Thursday: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Part 2: Sharing the practice with others

March 10th - July 24th

 Thursday: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Part 3: Bearing witness to both

August 4th - September 29th

Thursday: 6:00 - 9:00pm


Invest in yourself;

invest in your community

*payment plans are available*

Enrollment for the 225 hour mentorship program will open June 1st, 2021 and closes December 23rd, 2021. To secure your spot for the program you will need to fill out an application and pay your nonrefundable deposit. This program is all-inclusive meaning that cost of all instruction, teaching manuals, handouts and books are included. 

Tuition for the Little Rabbit Yoga 225 mentorship program is $2,250. If you pay in full you will receive a 15% discount ($1,912). A non-refundable 10% deposit of $225 secures your spot for the program. Once you apply and your deposit is paid you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on how to set up a payment plan that is best for you. Please note that you must pay your tuition in full before you receive your certification.


It's our mission to hold the space for you to go beyond the surface level of yoga and lean in, access tools, resources, and knowledge to fill your cup so that you can bear witness to your own & your students journeys without becoming exhausted, overwhelmed, and burnt out. We've spent thousands of hours studying, fine tuning, and failing so that we could get to this point and we're ready to share all of that with you in this 225 mentorship program.



leads the program and 1:1 mentorship check-ins



Acro Yoga Teacher & Mentor for 1:1 check-ins

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co-teaches the program and 1:1 mentorship check-ins



co-teaches the program and 1:1 mentorship check-ins

What is included in the cost of program?

The cost of the mentorship program is all inclusive and includes all module classes, teaching manuals, handouts, and books. Additional costs may include travel to and from the studio.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! When you apply for the mentorship program you will have the option to pay in full or place a deposit. There is a 15% discount for paying in full, however we know this isn't an option for everyone and are happy to hold your spot for the training with your depsoit and arrange a payment plan that works for you. Please note that your tuition must be paid in full before you graduate and receive your certification.

What is your refund policy?

We understand that mentorship program is both a large financial and personal commitment and highly recommend you are ready for that commitment before applying. The deposit placed to hold your spot for the program is nonrefundable. A full refund, minus deposit, will be given for students that drop out of program at least 3 months prior to the start of program. Refunds for cancellations within 3 months of the training start date are subject to be nonrefundable and will be handled on a case by case basis.

What style of yoga will be taught in the training?

Little Rabbit Yoga teaches a trauma sensitive, hatha focused yoga. This will be taught in our training as well.

If I have to miss a class at any point in the program can I still graduate?

We understand that the program schedule will consume a large potion of your time in 2022 and encourage you to check your schedule with the program schedule before you apply. If you have to miss a module, you must make arrangements with a teacher before the module in order to receive the cirriculum in order to graduate. All 1:1 check-ins with your mentor must be completed before you receive your certification.

Do you have any scholarships available?

We have three 30% scholarships available that make your entire tuition $1,575. To apply for a scholarship, please contact Jeana at community@littlerabbityoga.com